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Pouring a Pint

I'm glad you're here!

Please read the following lines carefully if you want to become a member, as I ask you to comply with the rules.
Thank you very much!

This is a private beer club formed to provide private sector beer to its members.

Membership is absolutely free!

My beer boxes always contain 24 bottles per box, which you can put together yourself. Please make sure that there are 24 bottles in the shopping cart when you order, as my system is unfortunately not designed to count. Since this is a purely private beer club, I strongly recommend that you only order a box of 24 bottles at a time. This is because of the following reasons. The British government has tightened regulations on the import of alcohol. Only normal household quantities of a maximum of 24 x 0.75 liters may be imported into the UK, in the private sector. Furthermore, with a second box you will be over the financial exemption limit of British customs and have to pay import duties and fees for it. That can be avoided, right!?

To become a member, you must be of legal age and have completed eighteen years of age.

Passing on alcohol to children and young people is prohibited! Just that I mentioned it!

Deliveries to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland only. Deliveries are made directly to the specified address. Please make sure that your package can be received or redirect it with the tracking ID. It is delivered with UPS and the days I ship are always Monday and Friday. The delivery time is 4 days on average. You can find out more about the tracking ID that I give you with every order.


If damage occurred during delivery, please let me know, preferably with a photo, and I will of course pay for it. Please also report the damage to UPS so that we can get our money back. Unfortunately, it has also happened that UPS does not deliver the damaged package at all and claims that the package was completely destroyed. Most of the time it turned out that only one bottle broke and certain employees wanted to get drunk at our expense. Please insist on delivery of the package if you should be notified by UPS. Thanks very much!

If you still want to become a member, please click on the button here to register. Thanks very much!

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